Referans Clinical Laboratory Center & Polyclinic

Referans Clinical Laboratory Center and Polyclinic has been rendering laboratory services since 2016, and polyclinic services since 2018.

Our main goal is to become one of the best laboratory and polyclinic centers in the country and region, providing our patients with medical services according to international standards.

Our goal is to always provide the highest level of medical care while also being a trustworthy center. We are committed to improving our patients' satisfaction by utilizing advanced world experience and modern medical technologies. It is thanks to this goal that we received the ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Certificate, which is considered a sign of service quality, for the first time in 2018 and for the second time in 2021.  

The laboratory of our Center is equipped with modern world-class equipment, fully automated devices manufactured by leading European companies. More than 7,000 laboratory tests are currently carried out in our laboratory.

Laboratory analysis are carried out using the latest technologies and methods based on international protocols and certificates (QCMD, RIQAS), and the accuracy of the results is monitored using control examinations.

The principle of "Correct result - zero error" is set as a goal in the Referans Clinical Laboratory Center and Polyclinic, which provides services under the motto "The result you get is not just a number". To carry out all stages in accordance with international standards, our center has a strict quality control system. This system allows to monitor the correct execution of the working process at all stages (pre-analytical-analytical-post-analytical) and to prevent errors.

Respect for patients' rights, continuous patient enlightening, implementation of laboratory tests in quick, accurate, traceable, and repeatable methods, and organization of professional doctor's appointments and examinations are the main advantages of our center.


We are proud that we currently have the broadest branch network in Azerbaijan and are able to offer our professional medical services to our patients located in every part of Azerbaijan. 

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