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Referans Medical Group is constantly striving to improve and grow. For this, we are continually in need of new and qualified personnel. 

You can email us your CV if you wish to see yourself as a member of our team.


Requirements: -
Education in the relevant field;
-Certificate of completion;
-Azerbaijani fluency (Russian and English are desirable)
 -Ability to communicate with patients on a psychological level
 -Speech that is fluent and clear
-Ability to work in a team
-At least one year of work experience is required.

-Providing medical services to patients at the address; and
-implementing sterilization of medical instruments.


 -Azerbaijani and Russian fluency (English is desirable)
-Ability to communicate psychologically with patients
-Fluent in clear and intonation-based communication
-The ability to work in a team is required.
-A minimum of 6 months work experience is required.

-Informing patients about services -
Initialize patients in the internal system