Our international relations

The clinics included in the Referans Medical Group work both domestically and abroad.

RMG often conducts both direct and online consultations with international physicians and patients as part of its corporate connections with prominent healthcare hospitals. Contacts Turkey, Belarus, Germany, the Baltic States, and other nations based on the applications, and the clinic's doctors, along with the patient, receive assistance from world-class specialists on treatment direction and organization. The knowledge gained through the collaboration of foreign specialists and local professionals helps citizens to receive high-quality medical care. Currently, this service is primarily provided by our center in collaboration with the Memorial Health Group of Turkey via the Online Doctor Service for patients, with positive results. At the same time, patients save money and time by using this service, which includes a doctor's appointment and an accurate differential diagnosis that satisfies international standards at a lower cost.

It should be mentioned that, unlike direct doctor appointments in a pandemic, online consultation is the greatest approach to consult foreign doctors.

One of the most successful medical admission strategies is the transfer to the online consultation service of both local and foreign doctors, which was implemented from the beginning of COVID-19's spread.

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