Hepatological Center


The hepatological center operates under Reference Medical Group. Our center provides highly qualified medical care, modern laboratory and diagnostic methods of examination, treatment of patients with liver disease using modern methods.

A registry of patients with autoimmune, genetic, and metabolic liver diseases is being created on the basis of the Hepatological Center to record patients and provide high-tech medical care.
Our goal is to always provide the highest level of medical care and be a center trusted by our patients for the examination and treatment of liver diseases.

Respect for the rights of patients, constant training and informing of patients, conducting laboratory tests with fast, accurate, traceable and repeatable methods, organizing reception and examination by a professional doctor are the biggest advantages of our center.

Hepatological diseases that are examined and treated in our center:

• Viral hepatitis
• HBV (hepatitis B)
• HCV (hepatitis C)
• HBV + HDV (hepatitis B with delta agent)
• Autoimmune hepatitis
• Genetic and metabolic liver problems.
• Hepatitis of alcoholic origin
• General toxic liver damage, etc.
• Liver obesity
• Diseases of the chronic hepatobiliary system
• Diseases of the biliary tract
• Exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis, toxic components of cholecysts, etc.
• Intravascular maintenance therapy in patients with chronic liver diseases (depending on the cause, it is selected individually for patients)

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